Retail Ramble podcast: IoT in the supply chain

Published: 09:43:00 on the 1st Nov 2017

Author: Caroline Baldwin

The Retail Ramble focuses on a different topic every week Essential Retail chats with IGD to learn how IoT technologies are being used in the retail supply chain.

Essential Retail catches up with IGD to chat about innovations in the supply chain. Essential Retail editor, Caroline Baldwin, sits down with Tarun Pael, director of supply chain, and Chris Irish, supply chain insights manger at IGD, to learn more about the use of IoT in all aspects of the supply chain.

The IoT evolution is one of the core themes that will be explored at IGD’s Supply Chain Summit on Thursday 9th November, with over 35 speakers from key retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Amazon and many more. Tickets are available here

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